How roller banners and pop up stands benefit your brand

Roller banners are potentially the best-suited marketing tool to unlock the door leading to a world of new business. Otherwise known as pop up stands, banner stands and roll up banners, their numerous names mirror their ability to serve multiple purposes. Their potential impact on your business should not be underestimated; if used properly they can take you and your business to new heights.

Suitable for any business

Simple but effective, the roller banner is the device you should be utilizing to give potential customers a glimpse at what your business has to give, allowing you to take that crucial first step – introducing your brand to the world.

This is the medium that makes you stand out; whether it be at a business conference or exhibition, trade show, job fair, or perhaps even a talk at a local show. You may simply need them in your own shop or premises to constantly advertise your brand and business.

Cost Effective Branding

There is no hiding the fact that pop up stands are extremely cost effective when it comes to promotion; especially when you compare it to traditional marketing methods, such as print adverts. From just £XX, the roll up banner presents itself as probably one of the most cost effective marketing measures at your disposal.

If you are planning to use this type of branding at a trade show, then a pop up stand is a much better bet, especially when you have invested so much in hiring out space. Roll up banners are likely to get lost when used independently, however, an attention grabbing pop up stand will certainly allow you to reap the rewards of your latest marketing venture, helping you succeed within the world of trade shows.

Pop Up in any location

The pop up banner and pop up stand are suitable for every situation. They are not, as most entrepreneurs presume, solely confined to use in trade shows or conferences. Many a successful business utilizes a pop up style banner or stand on their own premises.

For business to business companies, banners and stands will fill the space of a reception room or board room, housing the relevant marketing material that potential clients can takeaway.

For business to consumer companies, banners can be used as social media backdrops, allowing you and your customers to use a branded backdrop when taking pictures.

You can even pop them up at outside events. This ideal for those who promote hospitality and associated services. A tiny bit of wind or rain won’t stop your promotional campaign.

Use time and time again

The fact that pop up banners and stands can be used repeatedly is already a distinctive feature between the pop up banner and every other marketing tool on the market. Printed in sturdy vinyl – in order to prolong the banners life, in both physical and economic terms – makes it a force to be reckoned with; it can stand an array of environments.

Keep your branding messages generic in this case by summing up your business’ unique selling points and passions. Going specific can make this a costly exercise, when in fact, it should be as cost effective as possible.

So with the correct branding and messages you can use the pop up banner time and time again. This is unlike any other marketing tool, such as marketing materials, leaflets and branded merchandise with only have a single use (for you).  Both of these latter options are expensive and cannot be recycled repeatedly. The banner, on the other hand, can be used wherever and whenever.

Ideal for small spaces and storage

Space efficiency is another benefit of the roller banner. Once compacted and away the roller practically requires very little space for storage. These banners are, without a doubt, easy to fold away. The banners and pole compact down into a small carrier bag.  

Every entrepreneur understands the concept that: space is money! Your floor should be used to its potential and not cluttered with a disarray of marketing material. You will not even need to see it as you can store the banners in a small and compact space.   With the use of such banners, the amount of space needed in storage facilities barely increases and you will be left with an item that has never been more convenient for you and your business.

Easy to assemble

There is no denying that pop up stands are easy to assemble. It is completely truthful to state that in order to assemble them all it really takes is a matter of seconds… and time is money!

The name says it all: pop the stands up, hook it in place and voila, your brand is there for all the world to see!

The banners, on a more serious note, work on a retractable system where you pull the banner upwards slipping the telescopic pole into place. To disassemble, too, merely takes a couple of seconds. The banner rapidly tucks away, the base can be drawn in and the pole folds in on itself.

Travel Light

If you travel all over, and not always in the comfort of a car, you need to travel as lightly as possibly. A pop up stand will travel with you without any bother. The banners slot into your car with ease and to carry them by hand is a doddle. They are designed for such purposes given they are lightweight.

Of course, some of these fairs and trade shows may even be outside; as a result, the flat base and pole together combine to create a certainly sturdy structure.  There is no denying that the pop up stand is supported as the frames of the majority of such stands are comprised of aluminum, which is lightweight and, of course, strong; thus, allowing you to transport your means of marketing to and fro with no bother.

Conversation Starter

The pop up stand really makes it easy for you to sell your product or service. The stand often becomes a tool, not just to advertise and draw the customers in, but to actively sell your product or service. The banner, if designed to its maximum effect, can be a point of conversation, a reference point for the salesman or saleswoman.

Potential clients may ask a question concerning the information on the banner and thus begin a conversation that could lead to a sale. And of course, the banner may provide a salesman or woman with the means of opening a conversation with a potential customer or client.

Grow with your business

It must be remembered that the pop up stand is a very personal marketing tool and can be changed as the business grows, expands or the brand evolves.

As they have such a low price point, you can multiply, edit or drastically reinvent without a huge outlay.


You will find that the banner is your canvas and you are the artist. Such freedom in the way you market your product and service allows you to be innovative and even inventive when it comes to pop up stands.  Consequently, many companies have begun using them in extremely interesting fashions.

Some businesses have covered the banner with the attention grabbing cover of their best selling book, for example. Some have even put beautiful photos on the entirety of the banner, the image demonstrating their passion for what they do.  As these images take up the majority of the space on the banner they are often engaging and extremely difficult to tear your gaze away from.

Of course, a small space underneath is reserved for all their contact information where, when the customers are drawn to your stand or into your shop with such an eye-catching design, they can take down your details.

Some businesses have even staged four banners lined next to each other, each banner a fraction of the total picture, which is a technique that should not be underestimated. It is often the stands where they have the most going on that the crowds flock to.

Likewise, some businesses have used multiple banners, too, but more as a background or perhaps almost a fence around their stall. They also managed to form a sort of photograph with overlapping shapes passing from one board to the next so your eyes naturally jump all the way across the stand and soak in all the information the business is trying to sell to you.

With the roll up banner your marketing can avoid looking like the dreaded file stock photo; it can look more natural and appealing to the flock of customers walking past your spot at the trade show or even your very own shop window. With your banner paired with the correct design they really do reel in the customers. For many banners with such a beautiful image, it’s hard not to keep looking. It is no exaggeration to say that with a roller banner, in the way of reinventing your business, anything is possible.

Invest in your brand, invest in a banner

Your pop up banner is a means in which to do all these things with virtually no effort and with minimal cost. Suited to all circumstances in introducing your business to the world, there is little to lose when investing in a pop up banner or stand.

Kendal Tourist Information

Commercial Signage Kendal

Original shop front of Kendal tourist board

Our team at were recently contacted by Kendal Tourist Information with a view to improving the aesthetic of the storefront.

The project consisted of a new fascia tray as well as a printed window vinyl and etch. Both Sun Signs and client are extremely happy with the finished result.

The whole project was completed within a day.

New Kendal tourist board signage by Sun Signs Kendal

Kendal Tourist Information

The shop is a great resource for the local community and tourists looking for things to do throughout Kendal and the lake district. You can also buy a variety of gifts in store as well as pick up some knowledge of Kendal.

Sun Signs offer a range of commercial signage to clients in Kendal and the Lakes.

Should you have any questions regarding our commercial signage services in Kendal please contact us today for a friendly quote.


Sun Signs made a range of roller banners and feather stands for Wheelbase at their exhibition stand.

Sun Signs have just had the pleasure of working alongside Cumbrian biking and adventure outfit,

Wheelbase contacted Sun Signs as they needed a 24 hour turnaround time on an exhibition stand package consisting of free standing correx signs, ideal for making an exhibition setting stand out in a crowd.
The client also required some minor changes to the artwork on top of the signage which we managed to finish in time for the exhibition.

Sun Signs of Kendal designed the  roller banners, feather banners and exhibition stands for

Our team at Sun Signs pride themselves on being able to provide a reliable and efficient turn-around service where most other signage companies may struggle. This is one of many reasons why our loyal customer base is expanding at an impressive rate.

All of the services and products within our portfolio are designed to offer a stylish, affordable and reliable solution to any and all signage requests.

Sun Signs used a variety of banners and stands to enhance the display of their products.

Should you have any questions regarding our signage services, want to obtain a quick quote or speak with a member of the Sun Signs team, please contact us today on 01539 724433.

Turner Scott Vehicle Wrapping Cumbria

Turner Scott – Vehicle Wrapping Kendal, Cumbria

Sun Signs were recently contacted by Kendal based company Creative Lakes on behalf of residential lettings agent Turner Scott, with a view to increasing brand awareness throughout Kendal, Windermere, Ambleside and Lancaster using our range of vehicle wrapping services.

The benefits of brand-wrapping your fleet of vehicles far outweigh the costings with the main benefits;

  • Your branding will be seen all over a desired area/region providing an impressive reach that will help with new enquiries
  • Eye catching designs are proven to have a high impact effect by drawing attention
  • The cost of vehicle wrapping is cheaper than other forms of marketing

Stunning side profile shows how vehicle wrapping can benefit your business in Cumbria.

Vehicle Wrapping & Branding Cumbria

This project was for a part wrap using Avery supreme wrapping vinyl black matt. We wrapped the side and back including the door handles as can be seen in the images.

The wrap was undertaken at our Climate controlled workshop in Kendal and was completed in just under one day. The design work was created by Neil @ Creative Lakes

We wrapped the handles using Avery Supreme Wrapping Vinyl black matt

Vehicle Branding – What Next?

Should you have any questions regarding our vehicle signage & wrapping services, wish to obtain a quick quote or simply need advice, please contact the Sun Signs team today on 01539 724433

Elephant Yard Totem in Kendal

We were commissioned to produce the 3D elephant, lettering and decorative graphics for a new primary identification sign at the entrance to Elephant Yard designed by The Knack Design Consultants.

After deciding on the design for the elephant the next stage was to turn it into a working 3D model to be sculpted from ‘Sign Rock’ on our flat bed router. After the elephant form was created the parts were sprayed in gold paint and mounted on steel back-plates ready for installation.

Other elements included flat cut, acrylic lettering and a printed history of Kendal which made up the bottom section of the totem.

The feedback towards the sign has so far been very positive and it was a very interesting project to work on combining many different techniques in sign making.

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